A Solitary Man by Shira Anthony & Aisling Mancy

Basic Premise

Chance and Xav meet during a search for a random hookup. They’re super-hot together and both walk away satisfied, expecting to never see the other again. Surprise, surprise – Xav is now part of the law enforcement team in Chance’s small town and Chance runs across him on a regular basis. They have to navigate the waters of southern discrimination and hate, as well as figure out what’s happening to young boys. It’s a sexy, suspense-filled drama.

The Good

Pretty much everything. Tackling something like a child prostitution ring, southern inhospitable behavior toward gays, law enforcement, and attorneys takes some guts. You have to have some basis of knowledge to make these things work together, and as someone who went through law school and worked for a state Court system, I found this read enjoyable and well thought-out. The sexytimes are hot, hot, hot! The MC’s work great together and are their own independent selves. You get sucked in and don’t want to put it down.

The Bad

Really, nothing. I hardly ever say that, but this collaboration was excellent. Closeted characters are always a chancy proposition for me (because they can become annoying), but here it really worked. You understood why Evan “Chance” was in the closet and the factors that held him from coming out. He didn’t come across as whiny or conflicted to me, rather, as thoughtful and smart about his life path.

The Ugly

This book was five out of five stars for me. The drama, suspense, and plotline all worked really well. I hope these two authors collaborate again for another M/M literary win!


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